Promotional Services


For a professional look that will stand the test of time have your logo embroidered by one of our three Tajima machines. We typically run dozens of garments each and every day. Besides shirts and jackets we can also embroider caps, towels, blankets, duffel bags and more.


Nothing portrays quality and prestige more than the art of engraving. Our experienced engraving department can handle all your award and recognition needs such as nameplates, plaques, crystal and trophies.

Order Fulfillment
Our building features a spacious 15,000 square foot warehouse. This provides us ample room for:

  • Stocking and receiving promotional merchandise
  • Folding and bagging garments for a superior presentation
  • Shipping large volumes of orders on a daily basis.

Orders are always double-checked and tracking information can be sent directly to your inbox as long as we have your email address.

Garment Printing

Garment printing allows for large graphics making it ideal for event t-shirts. There are two distinct methods to choose from:

Inkjet: Capable of producing multicolor, photo-quality images using ink that absorbs directly into the fabric leaving it soft to the touch. Although you have a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to the number of colors you want included in your image, inkjet printing can only be applied to light-colored clothing.

Screen: Capable of producing images on any color of clothing. The ink rests on the surface of the fabric leaving it stiff and noticeable to the touch. However, screen printing is incapable of producing the half-tones and intricate details that inkjet printing can.

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